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1-Page MultiSearch Engines - with All META and Major Search Engines! Meta Search Engines
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Lycos - The catalog of the Internet The "new" Lycos indexes over 90% of the web!


Yahoo(Enter a multiple keywords)
WebCrawlerSearch WWW document content
InfoSeek(Type your search in plain English or key words and phrases)
Open Text Index
CityScape Global On-line Directory
CUI World Wide Web Catalog
Ecola's Tech DirectorySearch for Web sites of technology corporations
Excite NetSearchDatabase of over 1 million Web pages
Excite NetReviewsEditorialized review of various Web sites
GalaxySearch for WWW, Gopher, and Telnet sites
Harvest BrokerWAIS-based search of WWW Home Pages
InfoSeek GuideThe new interface to Infoseek (WWW Page search only)
Inktomi Search Engine(Enter up to 10 keywords separated by spaces)
IWeb URL Review Database
JumpCityDatabase of Web Site reviews
JumpStation(Choose search type)

Magellan: McKinley's Internet DirectoryOver 30,000 reviewed, rated, and indexed Web pages.
MeschMulti-WAIS Engine for Searching Commercial Hosts
MetaCrawlerMulti-Threaded Web Search of 6 major sites
Mother-of-All BBS(WAIS client/gateway required)
NetMallDirectory of Internet-based businesses (Enter single search word)
New Riders' Official WWW Yellow Pages
NlightNKeyword search numerous sources (choose source)
NorthStarSearch WWW document headers
Point Top 5% IndexSearch reviews of the Top 5% web sites
RBSE's URL DatabaseSearch WWW document full text
SavvySearch Simultaneous search of almost 20 Internet engines
Spry Internet Wizard
Starting PointMetaSearch Page
Tribal VoiceInternet Trailblazer Search
Tupilak - NSTN URL Miner
Wandexnet.Genesis Wanderer Index
What's New Too!Search new web announcements -- over 700 a day
Who's Who on the InternetDirectory of personal home pages
WWW Worm(Choose search options)



Search the Web with MSN
Internet search engine

Search the Web with Yahoo! 
Internet directory

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Internet meta search engine

Search the Open Directory
Internet directory

Search the Web with AskJeeves
Internet search engine

Search the Web with Alta Vista
Internet search engine

Search the Web with Excite
Internet search engine

Search the Web with Webcrawler 
Internet meta search engine

Search the Web with Lycos
Internet search engine

Search the Web with HotBot
Internet search engine

Internet legal directory

Search Re-QUEST dot Net 
Internet directory

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*Metacrawler Multisearch


Inference Find
Mamma, Mother of All Search Engines
WebSearch MetaSearch
CNETs Multi-Search Page
Webreference Search Engine page




Directories   *most recommended
*Yahoo (directory)
     Yahoo Search Options
      See our page on how to use Yahoo!
*Looksmart Select
*Google Directory
*The Open Directory
Galaxy Professional Directory
Lycos A2Z Internet directory
Starting Point
Search Beat
The Info Service
Brint: A Business Researchers Interest Subject Site Guides
Directory Guide (for web site submissions)



Specialized Search Engines


Internet Sleuth: 200 Databases
Search Net Happenings
Search Tools and Directories


Specialty Search Engines

Muscat EuroFerret European Site Search
Inquiry Com Information Technology search
DevSearch Web Development Search Engine
Better Whois Domain Search


Educational Ask Eric Educational Search
PedagoNet Educational Search
Study Web Research Site
Library of Congress Search
NetSearcher for Internet Professionals


Government and Legal
Vital Records (U.S.)
FindLaw Legal Search
InfoMine Government info
Free Edgar Government Search


Health and Medical
Nat. Library of Medicine  Medline
Medical Matrix Medline Search


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 Switchboard People Search
Google Newsgroups
Yahoo Mailing Lists






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These are highly selective directories of best sites, and award-winning sites.


Looksmart Directory
Zensearch Select Directory
Web Scout Best Links
Digital Librarian Best of the Web


TOP 100 or 1000 Web Site Lists
The Web 100
Alexa's Top 1000


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